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A group of teens fight video game creatures in the real world.
I'm not sure if there will really be any spoilers, I'm just covering my butt. OK so this show is a complete and utter disgrace. This show insults real gamers and that pisses me off. They are ashamed to admit they are gamers like its a bad thing. Their fake gaming is deplorable and the phrases they use make my skin crawl. They make real gamers look bad. The thing that really bothers me is that the girl has to be the one that's not a good gamer! For your information girls are just as good as guys are. The Guild is the only show, in my opinion, that does gaming right. They make gamers look bad and obviously have no idea what they are talking about. I seriously doubt that any of the writers have touched a controller or any computer games like WOW. I really hope this show goes away really soon.
so far, the episodes of have been very cheesy and poorly written, hence it&#39;s a kid&#39;s show.<br/><br/>there is some originality, but when phrases like, &quot;resistance is futile&quot; start showing up in non-Star Trek TV series, it just ruins it. admittedly that&#39;s from the pilot episode, which is a movie *i think*. the other episodes seem to be much more entertaining.<br/><br/>thankfully the acting is not as bad as expected, but it is still pretty horrible. despite the cheesy moments, it is still somewhat enjoy able. although i&#39;m not a fan of the #1 main character… his fake hacking is just GAH! <br/><br/>so far Jessie Usher&#39;s character is my favourite xD gotta love the ponies :)<br/><br/>it&#39;s definitely not going to be one of my, &quot;oh my gawd, i can&#39;t wait for the next episodes…,&quot; but i&#39;ll definitely add it onto my list of TV shows to follow.

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