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A reimagining of the popular 1970s TV series about a female athlete who is given bionic strength.
Some reviewers have said that this re-imagining of the Lindsey Wagner classic is more like the original BATTLESTAR GALACTICA, quality wise, rather than the new one on SciFi Channel. Well, I&#39;m one of those who think the original BSG, at its worst, is still a hundred times better than the current remake at its best!<br/><br/>Some reviewers have said that this show will out-class ALIAS, LA FEMME NIKITA, and DARK ANGEL, put together. Well, I&#39;m one of those who think LFN out-classed ALIAS when the latter started going into X-FILES territory with all those subplots about pseudo-Nostradamian prophecies.<br/><br/>And, as for DARK ANGEL? I never saw it until SFC started showing the reruns as part of their Monday Night marathons. They literally bored me to sleep; just like certain portions of the BW series premiere, tonight!<br/><br/>So, for the reviewers who think we should give this re-imagining of the Lindsey Wagner classic three chances, like a baseball player at bat? I&#39;d have to rate tonight&#39;s episode…Strike 1.
I&#39;ve seen the pilot and have to say that I was pleasantly surprised by how good it was. It&#39;s true that the writing could be better, but I&#39;m sure that will improve as everyone on the show limbers up for the job. I&#39;m glad that NBC did the show instead of SciFi - the effects are good, the cast has some budget behind it (which makes a huge difference in terms of quality), and if you&#39;re a fan of BSG you&#39;ll get to see some of your favorite character actors from that show as well.<br/><br/>I&#39;m a fan of this kind of show (Buffy, Dark Angel, Nikita, etc.) and think that the pilot promises that the new Bionic Woman will easily be just as good as Dark Angel, Nikita, and Alias (and probably better than all three). It would need a radical overhaul of the writing staff to be as good as Buffy, and some Jaime-allies to round out the ensemble.<br/><br/>Overall, I highly recommend that you tune in for at least the first three episodes - I think this might be really good.

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