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2 years after he awoke after 30 years in suspended animation and he defeated his nemesis Dr. Evil from detonating a nuclear bomb in the core of the planet, sex-obsessed 60's British secret agent Austin Powers, still on his honeymoon, learns his wife Vanessa is a fem-bot, created by Dr. Evil to assassinate him. But for Austin it is about to get a lot worse when Dr. Evil travels back through time to the year 1969 and he steals Austin's Mojo (Austin's body-fluid that makes him attractive to the opposite sex) leaving Austin shagless. Travelling back into 1969, Austin teams up with sexy CIA agent Felicity Shagwell as both Austin and Felicity must not only recover Austin's mojo, they must also stop Dr. Evil from wiping out Washington D.C. with a laser gun Dr. Evil has constructed on the moon. Can Austin defeat Dr. Evil again?
Dr. Evil returns from space just as British spy Austin Powers learns on his honeymoon that his wife is a fembot in Evil's control. Back on the singles scene, Powers discovers he's impotent because Evil has used a time machine to return to the late 60s and steal his libido. British intelligence also has a time portal, so Powers goes back to 1969 to recapture his mojo and, teaming with agent Felicity Shagwell, to stop another Evil plot to take over the world, this time with a "laser" beamed from the moon. Subplots involve Evil's son Scott's discovery of who his mother is, Evil's affection for a clone one-eighth his size, and the machinations of an obese Scot named Fat Bastard.
I never really cared much for the first AP, but I must admit the previews of the new &quot;Spy Who Shagged Me&quot; did appear to be funny. Unfortunately, this is probably the lamest, and most boring &quot;comedy&quot; I have ever seen. The only &quot;jokes&quot; the audience laughed at dealt with the lift off of Dr. Evil&#39;s spaceship, and physical humor.<br/><br/>If you see 2 movies this summer, maybe see something besides this.
If you liked Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery, then you&#39;ll love &quot;The Spy who Shagged me&quot;. It has all the same raunchy humor from the original and twice the laughs. The movie did however drag on a little. It got kind of long in the middle, and they used al ot of the same material over and over. I got mixed reviews from friends but everyone in the theater seemed to enjoy it. I say see it if you have the chance. YEAH BABY!
Would be too long even if it were twice as funny. And that about sums up the movie.
2 essential explanations to this conundrum, firstly that Mrs Kensington is also a fembot and both were unaware of the fact that they weren&#39;t human until activated. However this poses the problem that both Vanessa and her mother actively help Austin against Dr Evil, Secondly that British Intelligence captured and reprogrammed the Vanessa fembot to help Austin and Mrs Kensington was just playing along to aid them. This means the real Vanessa is still out there whilst the robot Vanessa began to malfunction during the honeymoon allowing Dr Evil to reassert control.
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